Registered Charity No. 1187393

The idea of 'Give a Cob a Job' is that all horses that have a job, have a value. 

Andrea Betteridge recently spoke at the World Horse Welfare Conference and talked about this important aspect of Cob education. “If an animal has a job, it has a value. We have to think of what they can do and put disciplines in place to showcase cobs’ adaptability, plus give something for everyone to do and compete – regardless of their level. We need to give a cob a job.”

By giving an animal a higher value and a retail market, we have ensured that the breeders have raised the bar and started to carefully and selectively breed their horses. Welfare has improved and breeders have started to market them in top show condition!

It is a misconception that TGC’s are only coloured!! This could not be further from the truth. There are still many solid coloured TGC’s born each year.

Sadly, before the TGCA, many solid colours TGC’s met an early grave as they had little or no retail value at all. Only a few solid bay or black stallions were kept to produce the desired well-marked coloured foals.

With TGCA providing a ‘job’ for these cobs and a value, we have seen them become more prevalent in the showing world and being sought by families. The gentle temperament and weight bearing abilities of the breed are well known amongst the converted, more and more people are being converted to the joys of the wonderful Traditional Gypsy Cob.