Registered Charity No. 1187393



Herd Visits
We aim to visit gypsy cob herds throughout the UK, helping to educate owners in improving the breed and it's future sustainability. 
  • To advise on new regulations, including micro chipping
  • To assist with registration and offer reduced registration fees
  • To advise on good worming practices
  • To advise on 'quality over quantity' through reducing the number of foals being born
  • To advise on DNA profiling 
  • To advise on the Assured Breeders Scheme

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Working with Welfare Agencies and Sanctuaries
Horse welfare agencies and sanctuaries do an amazing job and we want to work alongside them to help with the sustainability of the breed. Sadly, a large percentage of horses in horse sanctuaries are gypsy cobs. All the work that we plan to do, will aim to reduce this number, taking the pressure off the sanctuaries enormously.

ADOPT A COB. You can help the current welfare situation surrounding cobs by 'adopting a cob' through one of the many horse charities and sanctuaries. 

There are many cobs (especially 13h and under) needing a loving permanent home. This size cob is suitable for a small adult or child. Please consider fostering a horse from a sanctuary as there are some wonderful horses in need of a loving home.

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Vets Support Scheme
Details coming soon.

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Toys (Traditional Pony of the Year Show)