Registered Charity No. 1187393


Cob Care is the charitable arm of the Traditional Gypsy Cob Association and has been created to 
preserve, protect and promote the Traditional Gypsy Cob Breed.
Our aims are: 

1. To educate and support all breeders of gypsy cobs, ensuring that they make the best choices with their breeding programmes; thus reducing over breeding and encouraging responsible breeding practices.

2. To enhance and build on the breeders knowledge and resources to improve the well-being and health of gypsy cobs. 

3. To support and assist breeders of gypsy cobs in complying with legal requirements. 

4. To assist local authorities and welfare agencies in the continued promotion of addressing the issue of abandoned horses and carcasses. 

5. To educate and raise public awareness of the opportunities that this breed can offer via our 'GIVE A COB A JOB' campaign.

*Cob Care will always be respectful and mindful of breeders experience, knowledge and heritage.