Cob Care is the charitable arm of the Traditional Gypsy Cob Association and has been created to preserve, protect and promote the Traditional Cob Breed.

Our Vision
  • To help educate the breeders of traditional gypsy cobs to ensure that the equine has a secure healthy future and is treated with respect and understanding

Our Mission
  • To work with the owners and breeders of the gypsy cobs to improve welfare standards and reduce suffering and neglect caused by over breeding
  • To work along side welfare agency’s to help with the re-homing programs of this breed

Our Aim
  • To assist and educate the owners and breeders of the traditional gypsy cob. 
  • To represent this beautiful British breed. 
  • A forward thinking educational approach to encourage responsible ownership and reduce over breeding; quality over quantity. 
  • To reduce suffering and neglect caused by over breeding within the UK
  • To be realistic in our approach, whilst having great understanding of the cob breeders heritage and culture. 
  • To be mindful that breeders have to take responsibility for their horses welfare
  • We understand the importance of working as a partnership with the breeders to create a change in their approach regarding welfare for the improvement of animal husbandry
  • To encourage the Neutering of animals in a bid to reduce indiscriminate breeding
  • The use of DNA profiling to help control the disposal of gypsy cob carcasses in public areas