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As part of Colin's rehabilitation process, he is currently being fostered within 'Kent's Natural Learning Centre'.

This part of his journey is really helping him in so many areas and in particular it's helping him to socialise with other animals and people. It's also important that he 'has a job' and so he is assisting people with their physical and mental health as part of Equine Assisted Learning (please visit to find out more about Animal Assisted Learning). Colin has a wonderful temperament and his story will help people relate to him; in particularly with regard to his journey back to good health.

Once Colin is fully recovered and has completed his tasks at KNLC, he can then be found a permanent, loving foster home and fulfill someone's dream.

We will then rescue another Cob and the story will continue. 

You can follow Colin's journey on his Facebook page (link is below).

If you'd like to offer a donation towards Colin (and his ongoing medical treatment and rehabilitation) please take a look at our GoFundMe page below.

Once Colin is fully rehabilitated and has a new owner, any additional funds will go to future rescue Cobs.

Thank you.

You can also donate to Cob Care and all of the work that we do. Please go to our 'How to Donate' page for further information.